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DHC Battery Testers

Specializing in Advanced Battery & Electrical Diagnostics

Accurate. Durable. Affordable.


DHC is an ISO 9001: 2008 certified company. With manufacturing facilities in Taiwan and mainland China, DHC designs, produces and specializes in following products:

  • Battery And Systems Testing Equipment 

  • Switching Power Battery Charger

  • Booster Cables 

  • Battery Accessories, Repair Tools, and battery related goods


DHC has extensive engineering, research and development capabilities to meet OEM, OES, and ODM needs. DHC has forged partner relationships with many TIER 1 companies globally as a source for their battery testing and charging solutions needs.


DHC adopts MIL standard to implement strict quality control processes. All DHC products are manufactured to meet international standards such as: UL, CE, SAE, TUV, ETLC & FC, etc. DHC has extensive global partnerships and distribution channels to successfully sell our products world wide.

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