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DHC Battery Testers

Specializing in Advanced Battery & Electrical Diagnostics

Accurate. Durable. Affordable.

Heavy Duty 1

Heavy-Duty & Commercial Vehicles

Designed exclusively for the heavy duty commercial and fleet market the DHC is the professional's first choice when working on commercial vehicles, heavy duty equipment, buses, etc.


Printing Paper

AA Batteries

Hard Case


USB Cable

The DHC BT1000HD is a professional battery & electrical system tester that features a 6/12V batteries / 24V pack test for emergency generators and provides complete test results within one single print out receipt.  



  • Battery, Cranking, & Charging System Tester

  • 24V Pack Test / 6V & 12V Battery Test

  • 2V & 24V Cranking/Charging System Test / IR Test

  • 4 Color LCD Screen Shows Different Colors for Various
    Test Results

  • Built-in 2 1/4” Thermal Printer Prints Test Result With
    Date for Records

  • Temperature Compensation for Above/Below 0ºC (32ºF)

  • Customizable Facility Information on the Printout Test

  • Detachable / Replaceable 10-foot Cable for Easy

  • Heavy Duty Casing with Strong and Durable Case Design

  • Test Code Decoder for Decoding and Saving Test Records

  • Print Last Result Ability to Directly Print Last Test Result
    Without Re-testing

  • 12-Month Warranty


Each BT2000HD kit includes:








Optional Accessories Items

AMP Clamp

Volt Probe


The BT2400 HD is the ideal tester for trucks, lorries, and heavy vehicles. With 24V battery and battery pack support, it can test a wide range of battery configurations, which includes single 24V batteries, 12V parallel packs, and 12V serial (24V) packs. This battery testing ability is coupled with our time saving testing algorithms and procedure, so you can get battery condition report more quickly.  



  • Battery, Cranking, and Charging System Tester 

  • 6V, 12V, 12V Start-Stop and 24V Battery Test

  • 12V, 24V Battery Pack Tests (12V par. & 12V ser.)

  • 12V & 24V Cranking/Charging System Test

  • 6V/12V Internal Resistance Test

  • TFT-LCD Display with Intuitive Graphical
    User Interface

  • USB Type-A wired Connection

  • Supports DHC Result Management Software

  • Update Firmware In-Field via PC Software

  • Flexible Integrated Battery Type: AA or 18650 Li-Ion

  • Thermal Sensor for Battery Temperature Detection
    and Compensation.

  • Built-in 2” Thermal Printer 

  • Detachable/Replaceable 14.7’ Cable

  • Built-in Clamp and Cable Diagnostic Capability

  • Strong and Durable Heavy-Duty Case Design

  • Recall and Print Last 7 Days Test Results

  • Optional Amp Clamp and Voltage Probe

  • 12-Month Warranty


Optional Accessories Items:


AMP Clamp

Volt Probe

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